What Do You Want!

What do you want!! This started out as a question when I began this conversation in my head some months ago but as the conversation progressed (yes I do talk to myself) and I realized that I really wasn’t sure how to answer, I replaced the question mark with an exclamation point.

The end of a year and the beginning of another always feels special to me – magically charged!! It is a time for reflection and introspection. I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions but I do do faith lists or vision lists at the beginning of every year and have been doing them for over a decade (I think I neglected to do it for 2016 after baby girl’s birth due to sleep deprivation). I make a list of all the things that I want to welcome into my experience for the coming year. They usually cover things like health, family, relationships, success – you get the drift.

Just to be clear, I didn’t invent this practice it was introduced to me years ago before big daughter was born, she is now 15 and yep she was on one of my lists.

My list for me is a dynamic thing and I go through it ever so often throughout the year tweaking it here and there, adding and/or deleting. So after doing this for years I was confident that I had a pretty good handle on what I wanted out of life. Hmmm. But did I really?

All the wonderful people, things and experiences in my life have been on my lists and because this is a significant year for me (for more reasons than one) I decided that instead of using the 2018 list as a foundation and just updating it, I would start from scratch – develop a fresh list after careful consideration.

Did the list in record time and before the actual new year – it literally poured out of me (I will admit that I have done a fair amount of tweaking considering that we are only in the beginning of February).

One day, mid tweak it hit me – what if you could have anything you wanted, anything at all small, large and in between!!! No limits!!! What would you want? Who would you want to be? Where would you want to go? How would you choose to live your life?


I ran through the usual suspects that were already on the list but I couldn’t get over the what if??? I just couldn’t get that thought out of my head … WHAT IF??  I realized that although I was doing my lists year after year, subconsciously I was asking for things that in my mind were within reach, achievable, doable, inside the box, safe!!!

I continued to imagine myself doing the usual things, going to the usual places in the usual manner. But think about it, suppose you could totally do, be or have anything that you wanted – ANYTHING!!! What would YOU pick???


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