About ME

I am a 40 something (wink) woman…1/2 Jamaican 1/2 Colombian mom with  two amazing daughters Gianna and Aria (almost 12 years apart in age) and a rambunctious crazily intelligent son Noah who lives in Grenada with his Mom and spends most holidays with us….My partner P is a pilot from Barbados and the best dad and person you could ever want to meet – fiercely loyal, loads of fun, selfless, loves to cook and entertain loves a good fete and would walk through fire for me or any of our three kids…

I am mostly vegetarian (dabbling in seafood especially since we moved here), into yoga and meditation, I LOVE to dance, I love music, books, animals and people…I also love the beach and find it calming, therapeutic and healing … my most favourite thing to do is to spend time with my kids and P …I am family oriented and am blessed with a wonderful family and wonderful friends…I work in the maritime field and love my job ….we currently live in St. John’s, Antigua with our dogs Shelby, Olaf, Xara and Champi (who has a tremendous underbite)…

My Passions include: Truth, our kids, family, friends, clean simple quality living, yoga, exercise, meditation, life, healthy eating, cooking, dining, wine, laughter, the beach, love, self discovery….

                                                      G when she was 8
                                         Shelbers in her younger days
                               P and Noah making homemade pizza

My babies