Your Miracle Morning

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From CEOs to stay at home moms,Ā The Miracle MorningĀ is transforming thousands of peopleā€™s lives everyday, allowing already successful individuals to go to the next level, while enabling those who are enduring times of struggle to make major breakthroughs in any ā€” or quite literallyĀ everyĀ area of their lives.

Here are my takeaways from El Halrod, The Miracle Morning.Ā Ā PleaseĀ noteĀ thatĀ theĀ bestĀ timeĀ toĀ practiceĀ theseĀ areĀ beforeĀ 8AM. Hate me already? Just wait and read on

1.Clear Your Mind : Clear your mind and start your day in peace, meditation, prayer, reflection, deep breathing, gratitude.

2. Affirmations : Say affirmations which are positive statements, which you repeat to yourself in a way to support your success. The repetition of affirmations leads to belief.

3. Visualize : Close your eyes, or look at a vision board of inspiring images, and use your imagination to create mental pictures of what you want in your life, who your needā€¦

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