Sunday Morning Gratitude From Antigua

I think I am a person who practices gratitude most of the time. I am the person who is up early in the morning gushing about the sunrise or the rain etc. (much to the loving annoyance of my sister friend here in Antigua who absolutely needs her coffee first before entertaining any such conversation)… Today though I felt moved to share because as I made my tea, I looked around and it hit me just how much I have to be thankful for at any given time.

So here goes:

Yesterday’s visual of TS Grace which at the time was heading straight for us

I am so happy that my husband decided to fly back a week early to be with us in anticipation of Tropical Storm Grace. I am equally happy that she decided to go south at the last minute so while we got well needed rain, there was no flooding or high winds.

Totally thankful for my cup of tea on this cool rainy Sunday morning with nothing to do and no where to be..loving the sound of the breeze in the pear (avocado tree) just outside my bedroom window. Sometimes I feel as if I could reach out and touch it from my bed.

View from my (unmade) bed…

I am grateful to my friend who made some lovely simple cool summer dresses for me to wear around the house and the garden after visiting her and admiring the one she was wearing…thank you Andrea xx. Also always grateful for the upstairs patio outside my bedroom where I can sit and have my tea in said dress….especially on a morning like this one.

Credit for our garden and our up and coming herb garden (on the right) goes soley to my amazing husband

Thankful for abundance showing up for me in all sorts of ways, always a well needed reminder that all is well and God is in control…

Fresh fruits from three different friends – feeling the love!

Thankful for lovely neighbours all of whom were here before we moved in 9 years ago. This morning I am so appreciative of our neighbours next door who always bring care packages for the girls when visiting from the USA just because…

This does not include the school supplies and lovely bags that they brought as well – always so thoughtful

Also thankful for the past week to be able to work out and celebrate with Bernard (my friend who is more like family) in his brand new state of the art BFIT Performance Center where the energy and the music are out of this world…I actually enjoyed leg day (which he will tell you NEVER EVER happens)..Also grateful for regular morning bonding/workout time with mah girl Rica D and for Saturday morning tea (not coffee) yesterday at her house (and my first installment of gifted fruit – from her back yard)…

Grateful for my girls my little treehugger and my older mini me…

Last but not least I am grateful for other bloggers whose posts are thought provoking and not only teach me about blogging but also teach me about myself. In particular I have to mention and http://wakinguponthewrongsideof50 – thank you!

I am Kat – what are you grateful for today?

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