To Write or Not to Write…

I never really thought about my love of writing until recently – I have just always done it…(must run in the family because both my Dad and my sister are amazing writers)…

Recently I asked myself the question why? Why have I always resorted to the written word throughout my life (whether on paper or computer)? and I realized that I have no choice but to write. Writing is how I process stuff that happens in my life, its how I communicate with people (I am much better at returning an email or WhatsApp than a telephone call – sad but true), its how I reach out to people – it makes me feel happy and if I am going to be truthful I am slightly obsessive about capturing life events so that I can go back and read them later on. Fortunately or unfortunately persons in my office have also picked up on this talent and I am usually the first candidate drafted to record minutes for an important meeting or produce briefs, reports, presentations, speeches etc.

I love the feel of a pen/pencil in my hand or the keyboard at my finger tips (I am now thanking my mother for forcing me to take that typing course in high school – sorry for all the grief I gave you Mom). I have a friend, NF, who has kept journals of all sorts all of her life and is much better than I am at writing regularly (and a much better writer I dare say).  It was she who introduced me to journaling and it stuck….I have kept a journal for years now…over two decades I would say.

And then I discovered blogging! The age of my blog doesn’t match my experience because I took a very long break but have recently returned to this love of mine…I have met (and continue to meet) wonderful, talented people who continue to teach me, make me laugh and expand my horizons with all sorts of exciting ideas through their posts.  Blogging has also made me pause, think about and question regular everyday things that usually go unnoticed.  It has made me question myself, challenge myself and quite often see my life and its possibilities from a totally different perspective…(who knew?)

Blogging is very different to journaling because of course you are sharing yourself, your thoughts and opinions with the world basically (not that I think the world is reading my blog, just to clarify..). The biggest challenge I have in blogging is reminding myself to write for me and not to write or temper my posts because of what others may think…

There is something very joyful about writing a post and having a random stranger totally get it and reach out and connect with you…amazing! I try to follow a variety of people, not just people who have the same interests or outlooks that I do…and when I read their blogs I often wonder if I will ever be as good as they are or as interesting with all these amazing photos from wonderful places all over the world (awakening my wanderlust)…some are professional writers or editors and some just have raw talent…

So here are some questions for you fellow writers:

  1. Do you know what type of writer you are or want to be (your personal style) and if not should you?
  2. Where do you get your ideas from?
  3. How often should you write?
  4. Do you need to have a special place to write?
  5. How do you get better at writing – Is practice enough or should you have formal training?
  6. For a first time blogger who is filled with enthusiasm but no clue how to ‘step out’ what advice would you give?

Curious to hear what you all have to say… ❤️

19 thoughts on “To Write or Not to Write…”

  1. Kat,

    Writing is a great way to process things indeed. It’s like journaling with feedback, and I think that’s what hooks people- that ability to connect with people in whatever way.
    Just go with what matters to you, whether you are well versed in the topic or not. Write on those things that strike a chord with you.
    I write every day . . .just about. Be it long or short, to be published or just to save in drafts as a possible idea. Outside of rocket science, there ain’t much I won’t write on if I feel it happening.

    You seem earnest, genuine and passionate. Just go with it!

    Best to you

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  2. I totally agree…nice to meet you A Man Deep…thank you for following my blog and for your wonderful photos…keep sharing them, they are inspiring…

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  3. Very well written blog.

    I don’t know what kind of writer I want to become. I usually write about my travels/photography. But sometimes I try my hands at creative writing as well.

    I get most of my ideas from random thoughts or events. I make sure that I write down some pointers on a diary that I have , so that as the thought develops with time , I’d pen it down as a blog.

    Usually I don’t keep a target for writing in ‘N’ number of days. I go with the flow.

    I usually write in seclusion.

    I think practice makes perfect plus what you can learn from external sources will eventually add to your skill, be it in the form of training or learning from fellow bloggers.

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  4. Love love love this…. ‘Where the words begin to vibrate feeling’ I know exactly what you mean. Thank you for all the encouragement.

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  5. Thanks so much…I am working on not living in my head so much and being more present in daily life which not only ramps up your quality of life but allows you the space to observe, question and be grateful (excellent blog material 😬).

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  6. Hey there lovely! Here we go!

    1. Do you know what type of writer you are or want to be (your personal style) and if not should you? I’m always evolving. It takes time to find your voice. Where the words begin to vibrate feeling.

    2. Where do you get your ideas from? I read a lot. Sometimes inspiration comes from that. Otherwise, I just wait until the words come, and are ready to spill to the page.

    3. How often should you write? Whenever it’s there waiting to be written.

    4. Do you need to have a special place to write? No. Although some spaces are more serene than others. My favorite place is a view of water.

    5. How do you get better at writing – Is practice enough or should you have formal training? By doing. You can read success stories from others as well.

    6. For a first time blogger who is filled with enthusiasm but no clue how to ‘step out’ what advice would you give? Just write. 🙂

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  7. You need a style. When I figure out mine I’ll tell you. I blog every day, and I work on my novel 4 days a week. This works for me. I write at my desk or my dining room table. I’m currently working on fixing my desk so that I can write there all the time. I get my ideas from everywhere, things I see, read or listen to. I’m a questioner by nature so this is easy for me. I have no tips! Just keep writing. Practice will make you better, but I did take two classes last year and I found this helpful. I also have a writers group I meet with every few weeks

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  8. Well, there’s a lot to talk about, for you’ve asked us so many questions, beautiful! Well, I don’t think, there are types of writer. Everyone is just one of a kind, even tho some well, just copy others, while some just are unique! And I think, one should just focus on writing. Your style will be decided by the readers who like read you! Well, from nature, sometimes a beautiful lady, or the thought of having a daughter one day! And sometimes, pain! It actually depends as to how often you should like write. I used to write a lot, but there were days, I like wrote absolutely nothing! Sometimes, for months! So, yeah it depends! You get better at it, as times passes, and you like read and stuff like that! When i was like new, I didn’t really care for like anything. I would just post like once a month or once 3 months and well, It was nice! So, you just have to start writing and keep doing it and soon, you’d grow as and when you like connect! 🙂

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  9. I go with the flow as well…ideas come to me and I start to jot down an outline to get back to it later and then it just starts pouring out and before I know it I have another post…lol…


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