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Follow my blog with Bloglovin

6 thoughts on “Follow My Blog Using Bloglovin’”

  1. Hey there lovely. xx It allows people to connect both ways, but it is another writing platform.

    Just another reason why we are here. When we see the new person step into something we have tried, we can share our experience, and maybe save you time and frustration. xxx

    Stay rooted and write. xxxx

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  2. I thought it allowed users of Bloglovin’ access to my wordpress blog I didn’t realize it was a whole other blog that I was linking… #newbie 🤦🏻‍♀️

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  3. Ahhhh…hmmmm….I am pretty sure I don’t need another blog…I was just researching and experimenting…lol…thanks for the heads up

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  4. Just an FYI….I did that. You have to call , and email them when you want to cancel. Once you connect one Blog to the other it remains connected even after you click the disconnect button. I’m not sure what’s in it for them connecting to WordPress, but it is something they don’t let go of easily. xxx

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