A Yummy Wholesome Vegetarian Dinner…

I just had the most delicious home-made dinner.  I had to share it, it was the kind of meal that feeds your body, your mind and your soul.  Bulgar wheat with Jamaican Callaloo, Tofu Balls with finely grated carrots and green peppers with a sweet and sour sauce and Zucchini-Tomato Gratin (courtesy of the Vegetarian Times magazine – July/August 2009 issue).   The Gratin, along with the Zucchini and the Tomatoes, had sliced Kalamata olives and was seasoned with basil and topped with melted Parmesan Cheese.

Very healthy, light, nutritious and very tasty.  The tofu balls were also inspired by VT’s Dragon’s Head Tofu recipe and all were  prepared by Audrey my amazing housekeeper (who incidentally is not a vegetarian and only started cooking vegetarian food when she started working for me 8 years ago.  She had never even heard of tofu, now she gives me lessons)  A nice crisp Pinot Grigio (have no clue about wine pairing but I know what I like) would have been a wonderful accompaniment but I have given up wine and all other spirits for the period of Lent.  Gianna has given up brownies and has moved onto glazed donuts which for some reason have really been tempting me but so far I am winning the battle.

Love and Light (and of course a full tummy)

Ps. I am not a master photographer (clearly) and only snapped the photo with the camera on my phone which unfortunately is crap (I suppose dropping it today did not help matters either) :-).

2 thoughts on “A Yummy Wholesome Vegetarian Dinner…”

  1. Not a bad picture for an apprentice. Next time use more gunpowder in the flash to brighten the picture. Apart from the tofu, the food looks quite well.

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