Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day all…

Despite having the flu, which I have had for over a week, I still had a wonderful V day…in fact the nicest in recent memory.  Stayed home from work with my Valentine (my wonderful daughter Gianna) and had a very simple quiet day.  My day was filled with joy and wonder at the blessings that have been bestowed on me and as I sit here drinking a glass of wine I marvel at how things work out even when the situation seems absolutely overwhelming and  impossible.

Every post I saw today or news item or blog was about lovers and the pity one should feel for the SINGLE person…yes the dreaded SINGLE person who is ALL alone with no one to love…and it struck me just how absurd that notion is.  In my opinion, the greatest love of all is the love shared between you and God/the Supreme Being/the Universe, the second being love of self and children and of course love of family and friends etc.

Not EVERYONE wants to be in a relationship and those who do and are not in one, while they may feel lonely, I certainly do not think that they need to be pitied.  I think that those of us out there who find ourselves single on this Valentine’s day, while it may not be the percieved perfect situation for some, it is what it is and maybe we can use the time to learn from whatever challenges surround us…learn from our past…heal and become better human beings so that if and when the opportunity presents itself we are really ready for it…ready to bring something profound to it and recieve something from it in return..

I don’t believe in being in a relationship just for the sake of being in one…I do think that sometimes we are involved with people for a period of time and it becomes almost like a habit and you don’t realize that every day you become a little less you!  You have been there so long in that situation that is not nurturing you and you are not nurturing it and all of a sudden you wake up and realize that you can’t find the very things that make you you…I think when you are committed to someone, they should contribute to your life in such a way that it makes you better, braver and bolder and you should do the same for them…I think that life is made up of cycles, even within a relationship or a marriage (I have never been married) there are cycles.

Sometimes you are in love sometimes you are not…sometimes you are in a relationship and other times you are not…adapting to these cycles especially when they are not going according to your ‘perfect’ plan and time line is not easy but I think maybe that is one of the keys to life… living in the moment whatever that moment is and whatever that moment brings…again not easy, but maybe if we are able to do that we could enjoy a greater quality of life.

Maybe if we are able to enjoy the fact that we are healthy and blessed and yes SINGLE on V day instead of looking back at the past thinking if I could have, I would have or maybe I  should have… or looking into the future trying to plan and/or predict what will happen (which is a waste of time) … maybe if we could take a breath and be at home with who we are right now in this moment facing the good and the bad … knowing that all is well and that we are exactly where we are supposed to be, doing exactly what we are supposed to be doing and learning at the same time…maybe the sun will seem a bit brighter, the flowers smell sweeter and we will be filled with a joy coming from within.  A joy that does not depend on outward circumstances, a joy that you can pass on to others and a joy that will leave you fulfilled even before you achieve every single thing on that list….

How amazing would that be!!!!!

Today I give thanks for my relationship to the Universe, my awesome child and this experience of parenthood, my family, my friends, my health and prosperity and countless other things including married friends who try to set me up because I would be the perfect person for …lol…and yes today of all days I give thanks for my singlehood because it is who I am today … it is where I am meant to be today and with life being so short and unpromised I want to live every moment and every experience to the fullest enjoying it and sharing it with others and most importantly teaching and being a good example for Gianna…

much love and light…Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

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