Hello Again…

Its me again…4 years later…and I can’t help but wonder what it is about the beginning of a year that inspires me so…inspires me to be a better person…to take risks…to do things that I have always wanted to do…to ‘spring clean’ physically and mentally…hmmmm

So I woke up today with the brilliant (but scary) idea of starting a blog. Me..I barely even know what a blog is lol…but its something that I have thought about in the past (obviously) and today was the day…so I asked my techie friend how to do this…she directed me to a couple of websites one of which was word press .com and suddenly a light bulb went off.

After some digging I was able to get into my account that I had started back in January 2008 and read my post…so here I am again and this time I promise not to allow 4 years to go by without posting…

So … why do I feel the need to write this blog? I really have no fact as silly as it sounds I am not even sure that I want other people to read it I will chalk it up to part of my journey of self discovery follow my gut and see where it leads me…

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