I have learnt…

The Rainbow
Beautiful Rainbow…

I try to learn something new every single day…and I tell Gianna that she should do the same.  Everything that I have learnt cannot be written down in one sitting but here goes….

Feeling so grateful for all the blessings in my life, for the all the lessons that I have learnt and continue to learn, because I realize that those lessons have made me a stronger, better person.  Today I give thanks for the loves in my life – for my relationship with God, for my amazing child…my awesome partner and my rambunctious, loving step son, my family, my friends, my home, my dog Shelbers, my job and the people I work with, for Antigua, for beautiful beaches, for wine, for food and laughter and long walks outdoors, and music and rain and ‘ lymes’ and the Superbowl lol and yoga and rainbows….and anything and everything that makes me feel ALIVE and reminds me of what a gift life is (oh and hot showers).

I used to get so worried about the small things in life (actually I still do sometimes but I have gotten better at it) but as I grew older and experienced bigger challenges I realized that everything is relative and for most of the stuff that I allow myself to get upset about, there is someone out there who would be so grateful to have that problem.

I don’t wake up in a brilliant mood every morning, but I do try to be conscious every day and to be aware of every action, every thought, every interaction, every gift in an effort to learn the lessons that are out there so that I can be a better person, so that I can give of myself more and be a better role model for my G.

I have learnt that for one reason or another, not everyone will like you and that is OK.  They may even go out of their way to hurt you for their own reasons… Don’t focus on them…focus on the Father above….Be Still and Know that He is God….

I have learnt to relax and to get to know myself and not who I think I should be (bearing in mind that I grow and change every day).  I have learnt that trying to please people is a lesson in futility and as long as you are true to yourself and stick to the path that God has chosen for you, you are on the right track – regardless of outside opinions.

Happy Birthday G
Happy Birthday G

I have learnt that watching my daughter sleep and listening to her laugh or enjoying one of her amazing hugs makes me stronger and more capable of finding a way over or around the obstacles that life throws at me…I am in awe 10 years later that I have been blessed with this amazing soul…she gives me strength…she makes me want to be a better person every day….

I have learnt that it is unreasonable to strive to be perfect and that it is OK to mess up as long as you learn from the experience and when it is warranted, you apologize….love your imperfections.  I have learnt to not care too much about what other people think because it is just a personal opinion which when you think about it, really has nothing to do with you.  Only you and Father God know what is best for you, proceed accordingly.

I have learnt that peace and contentment are possible even in the midst of crazy circumstances (a glass of wine usually helps lol).  I have learnt that forgiving is not easy but necessary for your own peace of mind…forgiveness is not about the other person but about you.  Similarly, if you ask for forgiveness and it is denied you, forgive yourself and move on.

I have learnt that being still nourishes and nurtures my body, mind and soul and allows me to hear God better…(not easy in this noisy world of technology)…

I have learnt that gossiping is hurtful to the person being discussed and poisonous to you…exchange information if and when necessary but draw the line at gossip

I have learnt that everything is just for a time including the stressful times that seem as if they will never end…one day you will look back and say ‘wow remember when I was dealing with that????’ – stay close to God, be positive, be gracious under pressure and try to remember that no matter how hard you have it there is someone out there who has it much worse than you do…when life knocks you on your ass God will pick you up….trust me on this…

I have learnt that the best way to stop thinking about a negative situation is to go out and be a blessing to someone…

I have learnt that whatever you put out into the universe comes right back to you…be good to people when you can for no reason at all and good will follow you and your loved ones always….

I have learnt that words are powerful so be careful what you say…the universe can’t make a distinction between a joke and the truth…if you keep joking about crap it WILL manifest

whatever you focus on will become your reality … be positive…never stop dreaming…

I have learnt that my lessons are too many to list here…lol….

And I have also learnt that after not writing for 2 years, one afternoon you realize you have something to say and it just pours out of you in a matter of minutes.

Peace and Love always



4 thoughts on “I have learnt…”

  1. Thanks Jose .. Lol yes you know how grateul I am for my hot showers, I will never take them for granted again. I am so glad that you and Christine are in our lives..



  2. Hello Kimi,

    It was certainly worth while waiting two years for another “Weblog”.

    You are really an amazing young lady and we are both very proud to be your friends.

    We had a laugh reading “(oh and hot showers)” because we know what’d behind that sentence…

    Please remain as you are.

    Love from Christine and Jose

    Date: Thu, 30 Jan 2014 22:51:02 +0000 To:

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  3. How lovely, you have grown alot my sister, a beautiful process to watch as you continue to evolve into an even more beautiful and awesome human being. You are truly an inspiration … mwuah

    Liked by 1 person

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