Gratitude and Awareness

Last night as I took my dog out for a last walk before bed, I looked up as I often do and was overwhelmed at the beauty…so many stars of varying sizes and brightness…some on their own some in clusters looking like fairy dust sprinkled in the night sky…and it occurred to me just how blessed I am..blessed to be able to walk outside of my own accord, blessed to be able to see and appreciate…

As children we are filled with awe and wonder.  I see this in my own daughter as she discovers new things but I also see that as she gets older that sense of awe is slowly being eroded and being replaced with a need to always be in the know…to always be on the computer or playing with the dsi and not seeing what is really happening around her, the wonder of nature the enjoyment of a quiet moment.  Now this might be a lot to ask of a 7 year old I agree but it is interesting to me to see the transformation occuring…by the time we reach adulthood we are so engrossed in ourselves and our busy lives that we barely notice what is happening around us.  I know that I am guilty of this, I can drive down the same road every day for months and one day I will notice a tree or a house that I have never seen before.

Yoga has taught and continues to teach me to slow down and be still, to listen to my body and to be cognizant of how it relates to other sentient beings, nature and the universe on a whole.  Eckhart Tolle speaks about the power of the now and being aware in the present moment being conscious of what we are seeing, hearing, tasting, feeling etc.  Being committed to this moment and ensuring that each experience is a full and enriching one even if it is not a pleasant one.

I cannot help but feel a surge of gratitude for all the blessings and miracles in my life.  Gratitude that I can always choose to stop when life gets to be too much and be present right where I am and feel the power of God at work within me.  Gratitude that although I have heard it said many times I think I finally understand that I can take every situation, interaction, thought, concern, worry, feeling of anxiety, feeling of indecisiveness etc.  to God for healing and guidance.  I don’t have to do it alone, I don’t have to be responsible for the world spinning on its axis, I am not expected to have all the answers but if I am willing to allow God to show me a different way of looking at every person, every circumstance, if I am willing to be open to a different perception other than my own then wonderful things can and will happen.

Today I look outside and the sky is a brilliant blue virtually cloudless and I give thanks for my blessings, my circumstances, my challenges out of which comes my learning, my path, my connection to the divine and His consistent support, love and guidance…I pledge to be more aware today and more mindful in every thing I think, say and do and when I forget my pledge and my mind starts to wonder I pledge to gently bring it back to stillness and start the process again.

Love and light…always…

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